Suffering from “maskne”?

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Suffering from “maskne”?

Are you suffering from irritated skin from wearing a mask for hours everyday? 𝗠𝗮𝘀𝗸𝗻𝗲 is a problem a lot of us are faced with right now.

What is maskne? It is acne either caused or triggered by wearing face masks. The Friction from your mask can lead to inflammation and irritation of the skin that affects the pores, contributing to acne, and it can be exacerbated by moisture getting caught in the mask from humidity and sweating.

However, one thing I learned is the power of oxygen. When your skin is deprived of oxygen, harmless bacteria on the skin can turn nasty triggering inflammation and zits when trapped in airless, oily conditions like hair follicles (cue masckne) into acne. And unfortunately, scrubbing your face doesn’t help.

So what does? . . . Oxygen!

Why does this matter?

Well… this mask I’m wearing drives oxygen deep into the pores. This is the mask my friend swears by with her acne and uses religiously every time she’s having a breakout or feels one coming on. This is the mask I spot treat all my blemishes with and have them reduced to nothing in just a days time. This mask doesn’t dry out your skin like many other acne products do. In fact, it does the opposite. It’s infused with all the things my skin loves and needs. A win-win in my books!!!!

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